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Monster Game

AUGUST 20, 2014

Every year I vow to post more. To share more art, tell more stories, mingle with others and to generally be more jolly. It is ALWAYS one of my most sincere resolutions of each new year. You can tell I really mean it because I used all caps on "always".

Now that summer is winding down it's time for some catch up.

Here's a project that I completely enjoyed. WuzzIts is a monster themed card game created by Blue Orange Games. My job was to create thirty characters that would be printed on their game cards. The characters were a nice mix of goofy, scary, gross, slimy, bizarre and weird. I submitted many sketches and we picked the ones that worked best for their game. Stephanie Elliott (AD) was on the ball and kept the WuzzIts machine chugging along. These are the fun jobs that make me glad I do this for a living.

Above: A few of the sketches and the final art.

Above: More final art and a few sketches that did and didn't make the final cut.

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