Jim Paillot
April 2011
Secrets of a Lab Rat

Here's how to win votes and kick start your political machine: challenge everyone you know to bring a disgusting, stinky, food-like item and place it before you. When you - the self-proclaimed, "Human Vacuum"-  eat it (and live) you have won their vote. That is how elections should be run. That's how Vice President, Millard Fillmore did it back in 1850. Plus the sitting president, Zachary Taylor died in office.

In Trudi Trueit's, Secrets of a Lab Rat (book 3), Scab dares to run for class president against his nemesis, Missy Malone, the straight-A know-it-all and teacher's pet. As Missy starts winning over their classmates Scab becomes desperate to win votes. Like the great politicians before him, he decides to have a "You Bring It and He'll Eat It" scarf-a-thon. Scab is willing to bet his iron gut and possibly a lifetime of dysentery to secure the votes he needs. It's a pretty funny book and was a hoot to illustrate.

Warning! This book is not for the squeamish! It contains student art projects...
... bus drivers that can see into your soul...

... kids that have mouths...

... and an eating scene so disturbing even cafeteria workers openly cringed when they read these passages!!

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