Jim Paillot
June 2008
Art With Heart
"Blast Off!"- My page in the book asks the reader to create their self portrait as commander of this spaceship.
Art With Heart's mission is to empower kids in crisis through therapeutic books and programs that foster self-expression. "Magnificent, Marvelous Me!" is their newest book. It's filled with activities and artwork that will help children express what is in their minds and in their hearts. Mike Moran said it all so well in an earlier post (last week, I believe). They remind kids how important they are.

Last weekend, I was able to meet Steffanie Lorig, ace art director and all around good egg. She and her husband, Rick, were in town for another reason - to sign their books, "Such A Silly Baby!" It was good to catch up with them. Especially after working with them over the phone and via email on such a meaningful project.

To order a book or to learn more:
Steffanie, Rick and Jim at Changing Hands Bookstore
Google Game
The Google Game
The best way for me to stay on my creative toes is to be working on all kinds of different illustration projects. Big, small and some in the middle. Here's a half page piece that was done for School Library Journal. Teachers are sometimes using a search game (usually on Google) to help the students become more efficient and smarter web users. Mark sent the article and said "have fun with it". I like Mark.
University of New Hampshire: We are getting closer to being able to use landfill run-off to power landfills.
I have been working with Valerie at the University of New Hampshire for a few years now. She is so wonderful. Again, she sends the articles, offers advice and her suggestions are always good ones.
University of New Hampshire: ecoli and meat...never a good idea.
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