Jim Paillot
October 2007
My Weird School again
Book #18: "Mrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers!"
So after I created a new gallery for the "My Weird School" series I sat back and looked at all of the books I have done for that series. I never really lined them all up like this and took a retrospective look at it all. One thing was obvious. I gotta get out more!  So, I am closing down the art cave for the weekend. I am going to swim with the kids, walk the dogs, sip wine and watch a movie this weekend. See you Monday.
My Weird School
A few years ago when I started doing book work all I wanted was a chance to do a series. I had always admired Lane Smith's incredible illustration and Ad McCauleys humorous and sophisticated, witty characters. Their work on the Time Warp Trio and now Brian Bigg's work on the Shredderman series is inspirational. I think early reader chapter books have been growing in popularity over the last decade for a few reasons. Better and quirkier stories and  teachers are warming up to the sometimes non traditional characters and artwork.

Working on the My Weird School series with writer, Dan Gutman and Barb Fitszimmons and Joel Tipple at HarperCollins has been a blast. We started with the hopes of getting 5-6 books out there and now I am doing artwork for book 24. It's been a fun ride. I now drink champagne from high heeled shoes and light my fireplace with $100 bills.
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