Jim Paillot
January 2007
Here's some of the sketches I was doing when I got the call. Cue the X-Files music....
Here's the sketch. Approved as is.
Here's the final art for the story.
A couple of weeks ago I  turned the page in my sketchbook and decided that the day's theme would be gross germs. Later that day I got a call from Boy's Life. They wanted a spot illustration for a story about gross germs and bacteria that thrive in extreme environments. Talk about coincidence!
Here's the left side of the piece.
One of my favorite projects in 2006 was a huge panorama piece for Imax. Using the Tour De France as a starting point, the program was designed to teach  kids how important the brain is to  everything we try to accomplish.  So I created a long piece that was to be on their web site and theatre. A really fun job that was about creating a fun piece... just good ol' picture making. They loved the final art ...but...  at the end, many of the elements of the program were cut. So my art wound up on the cutting room floor. Oh, well. The creative journey was fun and I met a few nice art directors. All was not lost.
Here's a little bit closer.
And here's the right side.
And another.
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