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So, you think you're tough?

OCTOBER 19, 2009
In the last gasps of summer we found that a large swarm of bees had made a home in our backyard. We called the "bee guy". His job was to safely relocate the queen, drones and all of their waxy build-up to his bee ranch. They would be much happier there since he has horses to ride and lots of room to run. Anyway, it all went well and the bees even presented us with a lovely parting gift - honey!

Here's the thing. Bee guy use NO protection. No gloves, net hat, mask or anything. He's in his 70's and made of iron and aged leather. He looks like Willy Nelson's older, tougher brother. Like all people with such an original, unique way about them he was fascinating to visit with. It was especially odd to talk with him afterwards while he was picking live bees out of his hair and beard!! I was so impressed and intimidated that I made my son punch me in the stomach while he watched.