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Welcome to Giggleville

JULY 7, 2009
Too... cute... must... look... away... my... powers... are... growing... weaker...

Jeff Dinardo is the king of cute. And I mean that in a flannel-shirt-wearing, punch-in-the-arm, guy to another guy kind of way. He has developed a game and line of products that is so adorable and friendly that my superhero level of sarcasm and pessimism has been diminished to a pitiful whimper.

My small part in his cuteness empire was to come up with the look of Giggleville. Ground zero for all things that are good. So I did the gameboard and packaging. He did the groovy little characters. My task was simple- start at "cute" and dial it up to "cutezilla". I returned to the traditional techniques of the masters and used candy colors and injected insanely cuddly characters wherever I could. On a project like this you have to just embrace the fun and ride with it. It became a guilty pleasure.
Here's the game. And here's a shot of the game getting all ready to ship.