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Just Plain Stinky

JUNE 12, 2009
"Manual Org's hair was so greasy that it was more grease than it was hair...".

After reading that description of one of the main characters I knew I wanted to illustrate this book. "Stinking Rich and Just Plain Stinky" is book one of the new series - Grubtown Tales - from Faber and Faber. The repulsive Mr. Org is one of a few dozen oddballs that live in Grubtown. I love the two main characters: Jilly, the town duck gatherer and her pint sized buddy, Mango. In book one, getting the repulsive Mr. Org to either leave town or clean up his act is top priority. Until the discovery of a humongous diamond changes everything.

This job was especially exciting because I was able to do the interior illustrations in pencil. Good old pencil. Not computer. No digital magic here. I thank the nice people at Faber and Faber for giving me that creative freedom. It meant a lot to me. We have completed three books (the next two will be out soon) and are noodling around with the next couple.

Here is the cover artwork and a few interior pieces.

While queuing up to view the village idiot, Formal Dripping, the repulsive Mr. Org lets out a noxious, nasty burp.

Jilly, the official town duck gatherer, gets some help from her friend, Mango.

Mango and Jilly find a gargantuan diamond. And Mr. Org finds them!