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"Say Cheese!"

MAY 29, 2009
Christine at Gamewright sent this card matching game my way this spring. It was such a blast. You are bound to have a good day when the art director tells you to just have fun and make sure the characters are goofy and "out there". For me, this job serves as a template on how all good illustration projects should go-
A) nice person calls and offers a fun job
B) illustrator drinks coffee and does goofy drawings
C) nice person likes them very much
D) illustrator does the final art and is happy
E) nice person gets the art and is happy
F) somewhere a dog's tail wags

Creating artwork for kids games is just plain fun.  I like it even more when I am paid for it. Real American money - not the barely-worth-the-paper-it's-printed-on Confederate stuff. Are you listening General Stonewall Jackson's Games-N-Thingz? (me shaking fist in air in hostile manner). I'm onto you.

Here is the packaging and some of the cards for the game. The bottom image is a side panel on the box.