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Secrets Of A Lab Rat

FEBRUARY 19, 2009
Playwright and friend, Don Redman, enjoys some heavy reading.
The hardcover release "Secrets Of A Lab Rat" hit the bookstores this week. My first hardcover book. I feel like a big shot now.

Karin at Aladdin and Trudi Trueit- the author, were so great to work with. A dream, really. They just slid the manuscript under my door and shouted over my yodeling cowboy music that they would be back later to pick up the artwork. "Do whatever you art types do", they said. There was more to it but that was what I heard.

The main character, Scab, is our flawed hero. During his school's spring assembly he arm-farted the "Star Spangled Banner". His twin sister, Isabelle, is an A+ student but has troubles of her own. This is the story of how Scab tries to earn enough money to buy a dog by making and selling some bad smelling "stink spray". Eventually, Scab begins to realize that the success of his "Sister Repellant" is hurting the people he cares about most. Can Scab set things right? 

My son, Cam, gave this one two grass-stained thumbs up. As did School Library Journal. I am not sure if their thumbs were stained or not.
The cover art
Classroom avalanche! Doyle is buried, Scab laughs and Will looks on.