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More is more

APRIL 24, 2008
They asked for an underwater and a jungle picnic theme.
It took three trips to the drawing board for me to get it right. Dave and Julia at GoPicnic asked me to make these kids themed lunch pack illustrations "busy and fun". They said it clearly and sincerely. When I showed them the initial sketches they gently responded," we love it but add more ... a lot more". Eventually I realized that by "more" they meant "more". The English language can be tricky with all the subtle nuances and whatnot. They were a joy to work with and patient beyond words.

GoPicnic produces healthy lunch alternatives to airlines and school groups on field trips. It's all natural and full of all of the healthy things I managed to avoid as a kid. I wish they sold these in grocery stores because they are really good.
"We need a picnic happening somewhere in there, too!"