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Be A Hero

NOVEMBER 6, 2007
small graphic for the front of the tee
Here's a two color freebie job that was just used for a diabetes walk here in Arizona. I love it when I am forced to use less color.

Here's my pro bono pledge: "I promise to create simple, fun, memorable and on target artwork for you if you give me a little time and direction and let me do what I do best. Also, please let me know if it helped your cause."

Our friends that asked me to help on this project were model clients and adhered to the code of the fragile artist: heap on the praise... "This art rocks! You look great in those pants! After these tee shirts are printed Diabetes will be a thing of the past! Are you losing weight?" That sort of thing.
The back of the tee shirt. The shirt was a sort of dusty blue.