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Where The Wild Things Are

AUGUST 30, 2007
I just found out yesterday that Maurice Sendak's classic, "Where The Wild Things Are", will be made into a live-action feature length film. Along with Dr. Seuss and Charles Schulz, Maurice Sendak is one of my all time art heros. I hope that the film can even remotely compare to the charm and drama of the book. I am pessimistic but my fingers are crossed.

Back in the mid 80's when I was an art pup I was lucky enough to be able to help design some posters for a stage performance of "The Magic Flute". Maurice Sendak was designing the set and costumes. I don't remember the poster at all but I do remember having lunch with Mr. Sendak backstage at a small table while the stage crew was bustling around us. Two things about that lunch that made it a thrill for me. (Besides the fact that I was having a sandwich with an art legend!) One - we didn't talk about art. We just casually talked about the costumes, weather, our food. We joked a bit about this and that. A total break from the creative jobs we were knee deep into. The second thing is that he is a small man. I am about 5'6" (5 1/2' of forged steel, mind you!) but he was an inch or so shorter. So we were two diminutive art guys hanging out while these giant guys hauled and lifted around us. That just tickled me. That lunch was one of the few times I met a hero and he came out a bigger, better man than I imagined.
Maurice Sendak