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Medicine Man

MARCH 2, 2007
After completely gutting our guest bath last year we finally put the finishing touches on it a few weeks ago. It's not bigger but it is better. Anyone who has gotten his/her hands dirty renovating baths and kitchens knows there are always happy suprises when you pull up tile or knock down a wall. Leaky pipes, crumbly, corroded tile and exposed wire. That all adds to the joy of do-it-yourself land. I didn't tackle the plumbing but I did do the carpentry (thanks for the gift of knowledge, Dad!), painting and this last bit of detail... the medicine cabinet.

My original plan was to have the door of the cabinet embedded with tiny lights and to have a few working gears on the frame but the lure of being able to have the darned room finished was too tempting. It's been a big hit with the kids so my clients are happy.