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Summer Swoon

AUGUST 28, 2012
For a magazine article, "Do All Bees Make Honey?"

It's been of summer of zigs and zags and starts and stops. I try to keep some balance between fun time and work time but the last few months have been a challenge.

The gallery show, Slightly Strange, at The Powerhouse Arena (Brooklyn) is still up for one more week. My family and I went to New York for the opening reception and had a terrific time. Besides making a few new friends we also got to spend some time with Mike Moran and his delightful family of trained humans. After a family vote we have decided to adopt them. After the opening night of the show we spent a few days exploring the city. If you have never been to New York you should try it. It's a quiet little place. Teeming with people who are generally serene and patient and move at an easy, relaxed pace. Riding cabs and subways turned out to be a favorite place to unwind and get in touch with meditative thoughts and good feelings toward our fellow humans. We came back home rested and contemplative.

The rest of the summer has been a series of sprints to opportunities and deadlines. I'd like to say its winding down but this fall is shaping up to be as busy as ever. Of course thats good news to any freelancer but it also means we'll have to scramble to make some free time for more family fun.
top left: Paillot and Moran. Top right: Our daughter, Rosie, finds treasures under the Brooklyn Bridge. Bottom: Times Square- the place to go if you need some "alone time".

Personal pieces for "Slightly Strange" - Best Friends 3 and 4.

Personal pieces for "Slightly Strange" - Best Friends 1 and 2.

Personal pieces for "Slightly Strange" - Best Friends 5 and 6.

"The Lincoln/Douglas Debates" for the book Honest Abe's Guide to Presidential Elections.

A piece for Guide.