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Slightly Strange

JULY 30, 2012

I hope you can join us this Thursday at the opening of Slightly Strange at The Powerhouse Arena. My family and I will be there and so will Mike Moran and the Moranettes. Along with the talented Michael Slack and Dan Krall. I am thrilled to be a part of such a fun, unique show not only because I will be surrounded by gifted artists but because they are also my pals. I hope to revisit with some old friends and also to make a lot of new ones on Thursday. See you there!
And if you can't make it to the opening then you can always drop by Sunday from 4-5 for a special Kids Event. Michael Slack, Mike Moran and I will be drawing with kids and adults that are kid-like. Goofiness is encouraged.
Here are two of the pieces I did for the show - in progress. There are six pieces in this series, "Best Friends". I will have eleven pieces in the show.