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"Let's Build A Raft"

NOVEMBER 12, 2011

"Let's build a raft".

Funny how one sentence can launch so many ships. Our son, Cam, said that to me more than a year ago. I agreed right away but it took months before we actually started to build it.

Cam (age 12) did most of the work. He measured. He drilled. He cut. I was the guy who held the boards that he cut and then counted his fingers afterwards. Our initial plans called for a much bigger raft but as our plan got more detailed we realized we would need to build a raft small enough so that we could carry it on top of our van. A four person raft became a two person raft. Two things we insisted on: we wanted to use recyclable, plastic bottles to help float the raft and that her maiden voyage be on a river. One more thing - our raft needed a name. Cam named her "The Moist Sandwich".

We completed the raft a few weeks ago and finally put her in the river this weekend. It was good to get far away from the studio and get muddy and wet.
"If you build it you will get wet"

Cam and I add the recyclable, plastic bottles in the compartments we made under the raft.

While my wife was out of town the kids and I scouted near and far for a place to float our raft. The Salt River seemed perfect. In a couple of weeks we'll be on the water.

It floats! We picked an overcast day to float the raft but it all turned out the same - a wet, muddy success.

Good-bye civilization. From now on we live off our mountain man wits! In other words, we'll be back soon.

Everybody gets a turn. Rosie, Lisa and old man river.

Whitewater! Sort of.

Rosie and Jim.