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Animal Psychics

OCTOBER 23, 2011

In 373 B.C., all animals - including rats, snakes and weasels - began deserting Helice, Greece.  Five days later a massive earthquake destroyed the city.

In 1975, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake devastated Hiacheng, China. One million people had already been evacuated because of the animals' strange behavior.

In 1989, after making a sandwich, Jim Paillot is tripped by his black lab puppy and both the puppy and the dalmatian he lives with alertly grab parts of the sandwich Jim drops and greedily devours the lunch he had just made. Jim slept fitfully that night.

Coincidences? Not likely. Some scientists think that electromagnetic field changes and low-frequency sounds alert animals to oncoming natural disasters. Birds try to carry eggs from their nests, cats hide and jump out of windows, dogs whine, bark and howl and zoo animals rush into shelters and refuse to leave. Bats fly frantically, rats act disoriented, catfish move violently and monkeys hit children with long sticks. I just made that up about the monkeys. But since they are unpredictable by nature I would recommend you keep long sticks away from monkeys as a general rule.

This artwork was created for Boy's Life Magazine to accompany an article' "Quaking With Fear" by Bill Vossler.
Here's the initial sketch for the article. The art director and I agreed to emphasize the toga pug for the final art.