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When Bunnies Turn Bad

AUGUST 2, 2011
This is book 7 of the Grubtown Tales series by Philip Ardagh.

Grubtown is being overrun by bunnies! Hoards of fluffy, pink nosed, moist eyed bunnies. Everyone loves bunnies, right? But when a marauding gang of bunnies knocks down the town library something must be done. Jilly Cheeter and Mango Claptrap are on the case. Where did the bunnies come from? How does a monkey fit into this mystery? Please note: there is a special appearance by Rumpus Corncrake, the Sun-Ripe Raisin Man.
All of the interior artwork was created using pencil. Each pencil was hand carved and polished in Burma and carried directly to me by a trio of thickly muscled, tattooed men. One man carried the pencil and the other two men guarded the pencil carrier.