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Bullies, Burglars and Hair Care

JUNE 13, 2011
Do your illustration assignments seem to come in themed groups?

I don't mean getting calls to draw Santa in November. I don't mean that at all. I'm talking about getting a series of unrelated calls over a few months where art directors want a particular theme or visual. For me, last year it was robots. The year before it was ducks. This year kids and bullies seems to be a hot topic. Super heroes are also a go-to theme this year.

Here are a few pieces I worked on this spring. I do a lot of artwork for the kids market and I am always amazed at the range of topics that seem to come my way. Burglars, bullies, dogs and cats, manatees, hair care, earthquakes, Abe Lincoln, Jesus, Super Guys and Ronald McDonald. And thats all since March.
Bullies stink! "Watching Tadpole's Back", Guide Magazine. Art Director: Brandon Reese

Recycling burglars? If it's not nailed down they'll steal it. JayRay, Art Director: Barbie Pratt

For dadscaringfordaughters.com

Another fun book for those kooky folks at Klutz