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Monster Mash Up

OCTOBER 25, 2010
RoboWipe- He serves many needs and none I would like to talk about.

I spent a very happy week last fall drawing and creating monsters for Klutz Publishing. The "How to Feed and Care for a Professional Illustrator" handbook would rate this activity as the number one way to keep an illustrator happy and away from the Gun and Knife shows.

The idea of this book, "Doctor Frankensketch's Monster Drawing Machine", was to gather together a few artists who get a kick out of creating fiends and ghouls. Then have the artists create monsters that have heads, torsos and legs that can be interchanged. The parts need to match up to get the desired effect. Kids can mix and match and create their own assortment of misfits.  The hope is that they'll use that as a jumping off point to create their own diabolical, misshapen, drooling army of horror. I have had oodles of drawing sessions with schoolkids and nothing brings out their wild, vivid imaginations like funny but gruesome critters.

The artists involved in this book are (order based on length of tail stub and muscular forearms): Bill Mayer, David Clegg, Michael Slack, Jim Paillot and Russell Benfanti. I didn't know who the other artists were as I worked on this so it was wonderful to see a few friends included. They all did killer artwork and I am proud to be included in their freak show.
Mrs. Buggy- a mother's love can be heart-warming.

A Mad Monkey and Skateboard Zombie round out the quartet of misfits that I created.

Here are some early sketches. These guys didn't make the final cut.

Although I included backgrounds on my final art they were dropped out for the final printing. Perhaps to make it easier for the kids to mix and match the monsters. Hey, I created a Slack-Mayer-Paillot monster!