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"How I Corrupted America's Youth"

JUNE 6, 2010
Author Dan Gutman writes goofy books that turn on reluctant readers. He and I have been working together on the My Weird School series for a few years. Along with nice letters, Dan occasionally gets angry letters from parents who object to any number of things. Almost all of the complaints are because sometimes the words "hate" or "butt" are used in his stories. That's ok. Parents have the freedom and right to follow their instincts on these things. But sometimes those angry letters are from wanna be dictators that want his books banned from ALL libraries and schools. One irate parent said he was "...poisoning young minds!". (Hey, I thought that was my job!)

This piece was done for the May issue of School Library Journal - "How I Corrupted America's Youth..." and addresses censorship and dealing with knuckleheads who impose their taste and morals on others. (Again, I thought that was my job!)

Here's an earlier sketch for the article. I really liked it because I got to draw Dan as a puppet and I enjoyed the idea of teasing him about that. But, I'm glad we went with the other idea because now this sketch seems a tad busy and heavy handed.