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Justice - Turtle Style.

APRIL 8, 2010
Never far from their natural habitat - a high tech den full of crime stopping gadgetry- turtles are mild, timid creatures. Nature has provided them with a love of good literature and European cheeses. In that way, Turbo Turtle is like his hard shelled brothers. That is, until the Turtle Phone rings and the Chief needs him to stop a crime in progress. Duck Girl is bullying the Bunny Troop!! She wants their ice cream! And perhaps their souls. But that may be reading too much into it. I won't spoil the ending for you. But keep this in mind- a turtle is slow to anger but when it's time to hand out a little frontier justice then it is time to call Turbo Turtle!!

Red Chair Press sent "Turbo Turtle to the Rescue" my way and I love them for it.