Robert Saunders
January 2007
Credit Where Credit is Due Dept.
Sometimes an image stops you in your tracks. I just got my New Yorker in the mail a moment ago. I couldn't not post the cover in light of Bush's recent announcement of his intention to send more US troops into battle, and with all that's been discussed here politically. The cover is by the great Anita Kunz, who I imagine would have posted it if she were on Drawger, but whose name I couldn't find listed here.

Thank you, Anita, for creating a breathtaking image capturing what the country must be thinking right now.

Anybody have any thoughts? This is pretty rich...
Maiden Voyage of Today
Congratulations to on their big launch today. It's a great day in the neighborhood! People are dancing in the streets, artists are coming together and rejoicing, and critics are predicting the dawning of a new paradigm. is a smart new venue for art directors and designers to acquaint themselves with distinguished illustrators, view their working methods, their latest projects, sketches, whimsical creations, read blogs, and collaborate in cool, streamlined ways. More to come...
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