Robert Saunders
September 2006
Ebullient abuse
We've all seen a metric ton of these things. Well, here's this season's first cheery entreaty to come spill your creative gifts for free.The "proposal" this AD's  putting forth is slimy: Persuading innocent lambies with visions of stardom in their eyes to vie for the privilege of working on spec...effectively a call for free labor. I love the cheery tone to the exploitative phrases: "Want to add manacles and ball-and-chain to your drawing board? Go for it!" And they sent this to me? I didn't squander the best years of my life on the Graphic Artists Guild's executive committee for nothing. Go for it!

City Pages, Wine & Dine

Request for Proposals

This proposal is for City Pages’ cover design of Wine & Dine, an annual special issue.
Please visit <> to see last year’s cover design and editorial content. The issue is generally heavy in wine content and restaurant advertisers.

For the 2006 cover, we are looking to step out in a new direction. Descriptive words that have been tossed around are “vibrant” and “modern”. Elements that decidedly need to be present are a person/people and a wine glass/bottle. Beyond that, we are willing to go wherever you take us.

Please note that your cover design should leave room for the logo/text. We are not set on the previous year’s logo and will adapt this year’s logo with respect to the design chosen. If you find yourself inspired to create a logo and incorporate it into your design, go for it! Be sure to include the City Pages logo, “Wine & Dine” and the year.

Full color, full bleed, glossy cover illustration.

SIZE: Bleed - 10.5" x 12.5", Live space - 10" x 12"
Ideally the illustration should work on its own and have vignettes which can be cropped for use as spot illustrations.

DELIVERY: Prefer electronic delivery (300dpi for RGB JPEG). Other means can be arranged if necessary. FTP transfer is available.

This is for the chosen illustration only:
Working sketch October 5, 5:00pm (Th)
Final artwork October 20, 5:00 p.m. (F)
Publication Date November 8, 5:00 p.m. (W)

$300-500, commensurate with experience. In addition, the illustrator is allowed a visible signature or accreditation in the illustration.

If you are interested in pursuing this project please e-mail me a proposal containing
(1) a written description and (2) a “faxable” sketch of your concept by September 25, 5:00pm (M). Contact me at, 612.343.9515 or fax 612.372.3737. All entries will be notified of decision by September 28, 5:00pm (Th).

Thanks much for your consideration!

Dana Graham
Art Director
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