Robert Saunders
August 2006
Kids' Faces
I drew these in my sketchbook when I was feeling incapable of drawing (I feel that way a lot of the time). I looked in the newspaper for photos, anything at all to draw just to get me out of my misery, and I saw an ad for like, kids at risk or something. They had cute faces. I assume that they were photographed when they were showing their candid emotions. I drew 'em really teeny (here they are more grandiose—I still have to master the image-sizing thing). Sometimes just going through the motions of observing and recording things gets you warmed up even if it's from newsprint. I'd like to draw from life more, but my nearsightedness is making that harder. Anyway looking back at these faces I like how human the subjects are.
Why should I blog?
I could use a little input here. I'm conflicted. Why blog? I tried it and quit once already. So this is my second attempt. Isn't there enough to do in a day already? How long can a person keep this up?

Do you blog for commercial, artistic, reasons, or PR, image? Do you do it to break out of an illustrator's isolation? Is blogging working for you? Thanks for humoring me. I'll get some art up on here soon.
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