Robert Saunders
October 2006
Haiku Lampoon
Did these images for Entertainment Weekly when they wanted some art for haiku to lampoon movie stars and couples in a "meditative" but ironic way. I submitted the art for the writer to insert the copy into, but the published haiku wasn't very funny. They must have felt it wasn't working, too, because after two of these ran, I never saw any more. I thought I could do better haiku myself, anyway. Haiku (1st line is 5 syllables, 2nd line 7, last line 5) is hard to do right. Try it and see.
Crib Boy
Ever do something like this? You do a job—this was for California Lawyer many moons ago. The subject is how a 16-year old victim of statutory rape by the mother of his child got dragged into court and sued for child support by the county. You send the final in. Then you realize: damn! I should have worked on that profile. It looks too much like a little man, like me, not like a kid. Well they were happy with the piece, no problem, so go figure. But I, in my obsession can see that the image doesn't really read as well as it should. So I take it into Photoshop later for the hell of it and tweak it so that... looks like this—now in my stock archive.
4/7 of The Half-Tones
It's rare that The Half-Tones pose for a pic, but here we are as a quartet at the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night a couple weeks ago. We really enjoy playing the Sketch Nights, which take place every Tuesday and 3rd Thursday of the month. In the drawing sessions there are live models, music and an open bar, and on Thursday, a buffet. Not too shabby, no? is redolent of Toulouse-Lautrec and the demimonde—all that's lacking is the absinthe! From left, Barry, Joe, Rob, and Michael.
Saunders Humorous Illustration
In a perfect world...
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