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Environmental impact
It's been awhile since I lasted posted, but there's no time like the present. This is somewhat of a departure for me to work primarily digitally, but the problem called for a clean, straightforward technique according to a tight agenda with little room for experimentation. I was able, however to furnish all the concepts myself and the client was remarkably accepting of them. One drawback was their insistence on a four-panel cover, which I lobbied hard to reduce into one panel, to no avail. Them's the breaks.

It's a brochure cover I illustrated for a report by M.I.T. and US Geological Survey on the subject of harmonizing science, politics, and policy in natural resources management. Technically client's name is MIT-USGS Science Impact Collaborative, or MUSIC for short. Seems kind of a cutesy acronym at first, but actually it fits with their goal of preparing environmental advisors to coordinate, or "conduct" stakeholders with different environmental agendas to sing in harmony with one another. For example, if an industrial facility is producing pollution in a water source that normally sustains a population, M.I.T. prepares doctoral candidates trained in focussing the disparate interests of those affected by the water, such as mothers, fishermen, farmers, big industry, and so on, into one shared vision...the equivalent of making music together. Corny? Depends. If it works, and we can solve global problems by concerted effort from everyone, maybe not; maybe in fact it's a constructive metaphor. I've always believed music provides invaluable metaphors for life of course.
Scientists inspecting a water resource become alarmed at the results of research studies.
Different, disconnected consumers of water ignore the concerns of others, instead focussing on their own interests around water usage.
Politicians and representatives preach one-sided solutions calculated to appease their own constituencies.
An M.I.T.-trained Science Impact Collaborative coordinator brings all the parties around the table and helps them to focus on a scientifically-based, harmonious vision (That's the hope, anyway).
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