Robert Saunders
Valentine From Sis
An early harbinger of a lifelong obsession with music. I got this in a Valentine today from my sentimental sister. It's a pic of me in my formative years with next-door neighbor Danny Shwartzman, me strumming on my Mickey Mouse-Guitar (Valentine-red in real life) and Danny petting my stuffed tiger and sucking on what I have no idea. Piano at right denotes musical family. Note the fingers of my left hand carefully picking out an "L" chord, and the thumb of the right strumming hand showing early influence of Wes Montgomery. In reality, it must be told, to play a song on the guitar you cranked a little handle on the top. While I hungered to perform material like Unit 7, and West Coast Blues, regrettably the only song it played was "Pop Goes the Weasel". Baby steps...
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