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Images for October
Just an update of what's off the drawing table. I'm working with more texture lately although the idea is always the main focus. The chart guy is from earlier in the summer, but after what happened with Greece yesterday (that would be Greek Crisis #54, Nov. !st...I thought I'd include it.
For Women who love dogs are happy, well adjusted, have happy relationships and healthy kids. Cat women, on the other hand, are weird, lonely and depressed. I decided not to tell too much and show both dog and cat, so I focused on the dog bit...

This was for The New York Times- which is looking mighty tasty lately with all the illustration. I've been really impressed with the quality of the photography in the last few years also. It just gets better. I do terribly miss Barry Blitt's Sunday op-eds though...
Five wines for Christmas Eve- La Cuchina Italiana, Gigi Fava, art director.

This is pretty self explanatory...

This was for Tim Reck at The Hartford Courant. Love that paper, they do a lot with what they have to work with. A little different for me, doing a whole scene like this. I do it in books more.

Slate again: a piece on how pop psychology can influence mass thought and culture.
And last, but not least, a character study for a book that I'm writing and drawing for Beach Lane Books, Simon & Shuster about a T-Rex who is confusing to everyone but himself...

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