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Spots and Such

DECEMBER 19, 2012
 I do a lot of little spots. As we see more and more publishing going online, small, iconic illustrations are as important as ever to make a clear point and augment the text with color and, hopefully, wit. I've always been a big fan of Stuart Goldenberg's work in the Times. The other day, he had a terrific little piece on the cover of the on line edition of Business Day. It's something I hope to see more and more of. Recent Drawger artist's pieces that migrate from print to web are a case in point. We saw a lot of this in the late nineties, and it was looking like a whole new platform for illustration. Now, two recessions later, we're heading back in that direction. Knock on wood, but this looks like a really good trend. Here are some of my recent efforts.
This was for The Hartford Courant, about creating security for your personal electronics.

Risk, for NY Times

More investing stuff, NY Times

It's OK to have wrinkles! For Slate.com

More Business, more Times.

I had Edward Gorey in mind with this one.

This was for American Lawyer about minorities creating opportunities.

This was a little bigger than a spot, about Science being a quest for a black cat in a dark room that may not even be there... Columbia Magazine

For Wall Street Journal- when a building goes up in front of your view...

This is what we went with...it's the most literal sketch I sent, but we had a three hour deadline and sometimes,a straight line is quickest.

I just liked this drawing. It was for WSJ, about new advanced placement classes for very young kids in NYC, so out come the tiger moms. We went in another direction. I drew this with an old Mont Blanc fountain pen that I bought cheap when I was in art school. It has a soft gold nib and would cost.... $700.00 today.