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Linus is out Today!
My new book, Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex, was released today. I had a lot of fun with this from the character design to the painting... I used a textured background over an ink drawing and layered color on with photoshop. In some of the spreads, I scanned some real plants, and I used special brushes that I made from plant drawings to fill in some of the jungle.
  My editor on this is Andrea Welch, Beach Lane Books, Simon & Schuster. I started with the idea that Linus was just too friendly to eat his friends, which really upset dinosaur expert Ruth Ann. Later, he saves her from the velociraptors because, after all, he is a big T-Rex. It went from very dramatic and wordy to the more subtle and simple version that we finally published.
Cover, of course.

Here's Ruth Ann, she's big on museums...these are from my raw files, so the type's not on.

Ruth Ann knows everything about dinosaurs. When she happens across a new exhibit and goes through the curtain, she meets Linus... He invites her to LUNCH...

"Um, what's on the Menu?" asked Ruth Ann. "That depends,"said Linus. "Let's go hunting!" First Linus attacked...

Some yummy Broccoli! Then he pounced...

Several pages on...I added a little type to these spreads so you could see the story. Lauren Rille, my wonderful AD, used Souvenir, very elegant. This is Cambria, what I had at hand....

Ruth Ann's not real happy with Linus.

"You're supposed to be..." "VELOCIRAPTERS!"

Linus saves the day without actually eating anybody.I figured I needed a car chase or something. The working names for these guys were Nasty & Stinky...

All's well that ends well.


didn't use this...

Basic layouts

Andrea and I threw all kinds of dialogue around.

Ruth Ann hollering at Linus.I thought it was fun to use the teeth as a chopper...this was changed in the final draft.

I print the final pencils out in blue on watercolor paper, and ink directly on them. The blue is discarded after scanning. This is how comics were done- blue pencil that the old analog cameras couldn't see.

Here's a detail from Linus's journey.

And another. I named the triceratops after my neighbor, Ellen, because it's fun...

Back cover. Many thanks to Lauren Rille and Andrea Welch at S&S for all their great work on this book. The design, color and printing is perfect.

This was one of those really nice preliminary drawings that we cut. We found a place for it on the title page....

Linus was pink for awhile. Why not? He's a different kind of dinosaur.

The End. Thanks, R.

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