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Debt Ceiling

JULY 26, 2011
These are debt ceiling images- the flag is for a Cornell Magazine piece on "Starving the Beast" debunking the idea that government is of no value and what might happen to society if it were abolished...  The second is for Slate.com about, well...
 There was a taboo ever since the early 80's about using dollar signs and anthropomorphization in editorial illustration that originated at the New York Times, I believe- probably Heller- because it was done to death.(I helped.) Then Cristoph Niemann came along and having not been privy to this ban, made the world safe again for dollar signs and walking inanimate objects!

I owe a huge debt to Tomi Ungerer...I always find it astonishing that art students don't know these guys... but then again, they hardly know their top contemporaries...I used to lug fifty pounds of books, SI, AI, Glaser, etc. into every class and spend the first hour just going through them...

Sketches for "Starve the Beast" These were largely for fun- Sketch A was the clear winner from the start. For the $ image, I don't do sketches, the deadline's too short on an online Newsmagazine.