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Salt Lake City Main Library Exhibition is up!

JUNE 7, 2018
More Library Show! I couldn’t be happier with having my illustration Show in the Children’s Library in this fabulous building in the center of a metro area of two million. The show runs all summer long. Having a show in such an openly public venue, especially a library, is perfect for this work. I focused on the kids books and hung them at 50” centers so the kids could see them easily. Photographing the show was tough- I used my phone, which was not adequate, but through the magic of photoshop I salvaged the exposure somewhat. I had to shoot them at knee level... I'd like to thank Librarian Robyn Green and Assistant Librarian Tressie Rollins for all their help in making this possible, and for hanging all the pictures- no mean feat.  It's a real honor to be here. This is the hub of urban life in Salt Lake, the center of the city. And, as we open, the Pride Festival is just outside in Washington Park. Utah. Wow.
The editorial wall.
checking labels.
Tressie fixing labels on picture book wall.
Picture book wall, south.
Picture book wall, North.
I showed a few original ink drawings- most of the work is Epson prints; digital color
With Beasty Bath, We showed the whole process from thumbnail dummy, sketches, pencil dummy, watercolor originals, and printed book.
Sorry about the exposure, but you get the idea...
Editorial wall. I left out pictures with guns.
Haring book, of course.
Wow! books.
Linus, the beloved vegetarian T-Rex.
From King Louie's Shoes with David Steinberg.
From Monsters on Machines with Deb Lund.
Of Course. L top-R; Chicago Tribune, Summit County Library Card, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Time Magazine.
Some shots of the Children's Library lobby and the main library. Nice building.
Glass elevators
Thank you! Show runs from June 4th to August 18th. Have a great summer!
Topical: Kid Stuff