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Pulitzer prize

APRIL 18, 2018
Jake Halpern and I have been awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning, for our comic Welcome to the New World, about the experience of a Syrian family arriving in the US. It was published in The New York Times and you can see the entire 20-episode comic here. Here's an excerpt from my remarks from the event at The New York Times on Monday:
I want to echo Jake’s remarks in appreciation of the extraordinary family that is the subject of our comic. Thanks to my wife and children, whose love makes everything possible.
I feel that Welcome to the New World expresses certain values - or opinions - that are very important to me. They are, understanding, compassion, and tolerance. I also feel that this prize that Jake and I are receiving is a resounding vote in support of those values. And there is never enough understanding, compassion, and tolerance in the world, especially these days.

Thank you Bruce Headlam, Rachel Dry, Jim Dao at the New York Times - Welcome to the New World would never have been happened without your support. Thanks to the designers and art directors at the Times who made our comic look so good week after week. There’s one other person I’d like to thank - Steve Heller, the former art director at the Times Book Review, who gave me my first break as an illustrator back in 1989. The Times has always felt like home to me. My first published illustration assignment appeared on the Times op-ed page - Michael Valenti was the art director at the time. Since then I’ve completed more than 100 assignments for the Times, more than for any other publication. Thank you Steve Heller, and the New York Times, for giving me a break all those years ago when I was a young, inexperienced kid who had just arrived in New York with a backpack, a guitar, a portfolio of artwork, and some hopes and dreams. And thank you for continuing to support young illustrators, because you never know what wonderful things can happen when you do.