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My 2013 Top 10 Illustrations

JANUARY 1, 2014
Here's a selection of some of my favorite illustrations and related work from the year 2013. Many thanks to everyone who I had the pleasure to work and collaborate with this past year:
#10 - The Wall Street Journal

Two of several assignments completed this past year for The Wall Street Journal. Daniel Smith is the art director and a long-time client. Thanks, Dan!
#9 - Yale Alumni Magazine

This illustration accompanied a review of "William Shakespeare's Star Wars", a book by Ian Doescher. Mark Zurolo is the art director at Yale Alumni. My youngest son had just discovered Star Wars which made this assigment all the more fun.
#8 - Large paintings on canvas
Sometimes it feels like the size of my illustration work is limited by what I can fit onto my flatbed scanner. It's nice to break out and work on a larger painting that takes up to a month to complete.
Here's an acrylic painting of a Paris street scene. The canvas is about four and a half feet high by a foot and a half wide.
#7 - NYC Outward Bound Schools

Cover art for the invitation to an annual benefit. Thanks to Carol Carpenter at NYC Outward Bound Schools.
#6 - The Boston Globe

My cover illustration for The Boston Globe's "g"style magazine, about new movie cinemas that offer a luxury experience with reclining seats and meals ordered from and brought to your seat. Jane Martin is the art director.
#5 - Zen of Nimbus comic
#38 - Le Quartier Nimbus.

My Zen of Nimbus comic follows a strict three-panel format. Nimbus is visited by a variety of creatures, circumstances and events. Will he ever allow these situations, some of which are quite intrusive and annoying, to disturb his meditations?
You can see my Zen of Nimbus comic here in my blog. T-shirts like this one can be purchased here.
#4 - The Christian Science Monitor spots

"Chinese Thanksgiving," one of several illustrations commissioned this past year by design director John Kehe at The Christian Science Monitor. It's always fun to work with John on these assignments.
#3 - Sketching along the Mekong river in Laos

Here are sketches made during a week's visit to the magical city of Luang Prabang in northern Laos.
Luang Prabang sits high up on the banks at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers in the midst of the jungle. The Mekong river is wide and full of activity. The long stairs that led down the river bank to the boat launches provided me with many things that I love to sketch.

#2 - The Christian Science Monitor cover art
Cover art about America's trend towards isolationism. Thanks to design director John Kehe. This idea was inspired by our family summer vacation at the beach where we built sand castles and watched them get swept away by the surf.
#1 - Exhibit of Hong Kong street market paintings at the Yale-China Association
Eighteen of my paintings of Hong Kong street markets are currently on exhibit at the Yale-China Association in New Haven, CT.
These paintings were completed during the past year while living and working in Hong Kong. Being able to exhibit these paintings is a dream come true.
Thanks to the Yale-China Association and to Annie Lin, the Senior Program Officer, Arts.
I was attracted to Hong Kong's outdoor markets that are like street theaters robust with life and soul, chaos and smells. The people shown in my paintings are the characters that breathe life onto that stage.
The exhibit is at the Yale-China Association through June, 2014.

Happy New Year!