Michael Sloan
October 2009
Nimbus Book As Weekly Serial
Here's my latest graphic novel in its complete form:

installment #1: Something is killing the wildlife
installment #2: Some new data?
installment #3: The data is conclusive... and terrible
installment #4: We need Nimbus now - find him!
installment #5: Professor Nimbus, anonymous in his exile
installment #6: A life of squalor, and he is discovered
installment #7: Sinister data is presented, and a bribe offered
installment #8: Old wounds are opened, and the bribe left behind
installment #9: A day at the beach begins calmly...
installment #10: What horror is this?
installment #11: Nimbus witnesses a sea monster's agony
installment #12: Professor Nimbus's nightmare
installment #13: The crisis deepens
installment #14: The government is powerless
installment #15: On the Star Ferry to Kowloon
installment #16: The fortune teller
installment #17: An agonizing decision: what will Nimbus do?
installment #18: The hero returns
installment #19: Preparing for a long journey
installment #20: Is he on the airplane?

To be continued...Meanwhile, you can buy this and other Professor Nimbus books here at my online store. Each title is a limited edition of 1000, and I sign and number each one.

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