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My Favorite Unpublished Sketches / Part 2

JANUARY 23, 2009
#1 - Political Gossip in Washington DC. I like the analogy of gossip as annoying flies buzzing around Uncle Sam's head. The sketch that was published showed a "war of words" approach with a giant speech balloon with swords clashing, hovering over Washington DC.
#2 - Data Compression. The article was about how greater amounts of digital data are being fitted into smaller devices. The image chosen for publication showed a miniature three-wheeled car crowded with people. It was inspired by the legendary stunt of fitting as many people as possible into a VW Beetle.
#3 - President Bush's Strategy in Iraq. What kind of person would would tie their shoelaces this way? The published art showed Uncle Sam wading into a pool of slime.

Another sketch for the same assignment
#4 - Are Obama and Clinton Pulling the Democratic Party Apart? The sketch that was used showed Obama and Clinton riding in opposite directions on a two-headed donkey, inspired by the "Pull-Me-Push-You" llama in the Dr. Doolittle books.