Michael Sloan
Hong Kong exhibit photos
Here are photos from the opening reception of my exhibit of prints of Hong Kong street market paintings this past Monday at the Hui gallery, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Many of our Hong Kong friends came, and it was fascinating to hear the reactions of local Hongkongers to my work.
After an introduction by my friend Nixon Fok, I spoke briefly about my paintings and what they mean to me, and then answered questions. A frequent comment was that my Chinese characters and the scenes in my paintings really captured the spirit of their city and would make them look more closely when they are walking through the street markets.
On Tuesday morning a local school group visited for a discussion about "expressing oneself through art," their current thematic study in class. I spent most of the time answering wonderful questions. They were so engaging and sweet, and we all high-fived as they left.
Thanks to Jenny, Elizabeth, and to New Asia College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong for inviting me to exhibit my work. It's been such a pleasure!

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