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My Extraordinary Dream

My Extraordinary Dream was awarded a silver medal in the sequential category of The Society of Illustrators 54.
On the night of March 23rd, 2011 I had the following dream:

I've never had a dream like this before. It's so different because of the number and variety of scenes, the development of the characters, the level of detail, and the span of time involved. I experienced my dream as a series of scenes almost exactly as they appear here.
My dreams (even very unusual ones, and I've had a few) usually take the form of single scenes lasting a few minutes. They have people and places that are (or once were) familiar to me. Not so with this dream.
My first reactions when I woke up were that this dream was extraordinary, it seemed to me like a film, and I had to record it immediately before I forgot any of it. I immediately went to my drawing table where the entire story poured out of me before I came downstairs for breakfast. Here are sketches of the first ten panels which I made minutes after I awoke:
If dreams are my unconscious mind trying to tell me something, then what is the meaning of this dream? Who are the man and the woman, and what is the significance of their relationship and the choices they make? Why is the dream located at the edge of the jungle? And what does the lion represent?
Some day I hope I'll understand these things more fully.
I'm curious if others have had experiences like this. Have you ever had a powerful dream that you were able to record as artwork?
Topical: Memory Box Project