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Lecture with Tom Tomorrow

FEBRUARY 16, 2010
I spent 20 minutes talking about and showing my work from The New York Times Op-Ed Letters column, because this mostly political work fit the bill for the event, and also because I love Letters assignments and the body of over 100 illustrations I’ve created for the column over the years. Then Tom presented a survey of his work including covers for The Village Voice, selections from his comic, his book The Very Silly Mayor, and his cover art for the latest Pearl Jam CD.
Me and Tom fielding questions from the audience.
Our presentations were projected onto a screen at near-billboard size. It was exciting for me to see my Letters art at this scale, strong and graphic, and much different in size from 2” x 2.5” as the art appears in the newspaper.
Tom had recently done the cover art for the latest Pearl Jam CD, and brought a collector’s edition vinyl version of the album, signed by lead singer Eddie Vedder. It was auctioned off, netting a nice big sum of money for EBJ. I brought 40 of my Professor Nimbus graphic novels to sell, and sold nearly all of them, all the proceeds also going to EBJ.
The book signing.
The event was well-attended and I had a great time. I’m glad that the childcare center judged the evening to be a big success. I hope I get a chance to give a presentation like this again.