Michael Sloan
Oil on wood panel
I'm experimenting with oil paint on wood panel for the first time. I'm really enjoying the process of working slowly on a painting for a month or longer. The paint dries slowly so if I need to put things away for a few hours or overnight I can pick up where I left off and the paint and brushes are ready to use.

Painting around the edges of the panel is my way of avoiding having to frame the painting. I also like how it looks.

The Travels of Nimbus
Here's the latest illustration in my Travels of Nimbus series.

Here's the sketch:

The Boston Globe
It's always a pleasure to work for The Boston Globe, my old hometown newspaper. Here are some of my illustrations published by the Globe.
Above: Should Massachusetts legalize gambling?

Above: The joys of visiting open houses in Boston's upscale real estate market.

Above: Airplane boarding status.

Above: Where all those unwanted wedding presents and inherited gifts go.

Above: For a book review.

The Wall Street Journal
McDonald's attempts to reverse declining sales. Here's my illustration which appeared in yesterday's WSJ:
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