Michael Sloan
Cobbler, Central
My sketch of a cobbler's stall in Central, Hong Kong. This stall qualifies as the smallest shop I've seen here in Hong Kong. The floor measures about 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep. The cobbler's lap is his workbench. Re-soled shoes waiting to be picked up by customers advertise the quality of his work. The stall is festooned with shoe laces, inner soles and heel cushions hung with bits of wire and clothes hangers.

Wet market fish
My sketch of a fishmonger in the wet market, Tai Po, Hong Kong, seen a few days ago. I like the care that she took in the artful placement of the fish on display in her booth.

Return to Hong Kong
We're back in Hong Kong for the month of August, and here are some sketches from the past week. I was hoping that I would be able to pick up where I left off when we lived here last year. So far I've been able to find the same groove, sketching in local street markets. It seems like I never left. Most of my favorite shops and characters are still here:
Sketch of a jolly fishmonger, Mong Kok East wet market, Hong Kong. This man hummed tunes and engaged a small crowd in front of his stall with his repartee while he deftly butchered a fish for a waiting customer. Signs of the messy butchering process are everywhere which led me to use stronger colors than usual.

Tailor shop, Kowloon, Hong Kong. This tailor's shop is in a metal shed in a dark alley about 10 yards off very busy Mody Road. It's right near the Hui Lau Shan juice bar where we went to get mango drinks.
Arts & Ideas talk
Here are some photos of my talk two weeks ago about my Hong Kong street market paintings at the Yale-China Association as part of the New Haven Festival of Arts & Ideas. My paintings are on exhibit at Yale-China through the summer. Thanks to everyone who came to the talk, and to Yale-China for being such great hosts.

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