Michael Sloan
Coney Island
Coney Island has always been a touchstone for me, especially when I was living in Brooklyn. I use to ride my bike there from my neighborhood several times a year to take in the atmosphere, buy cheap clothes at the Russian stores in Brighton Beach, and eat a really good knish. I took my son there recently to ride the Cyclone rollercoaster. Here is what the boardwalk looked like on that day.

Hong Kong protests
Hong Kong has been very much on our minds recently. We've been watching and reading the news about the protests, and hoping that things don't escalate out of control to the point where there is violence and bloodshed. I wish I could be there to watch and sketch. Here are some sketches that I did two years ago of the student protests on the campus of the Chinese University during the national curriculum conflict.

UConn talk
Many thanks to the University of Connecticut Illustration Club which invited me to present my work and meet students in the department last night. It was great! The club did a terrific job of organizing the event, the flyer looks terrific, and I was so impressed by the students. They were engaged, curious, and asked good questions. I wish I'd had a chance to see some of their work. Afterwards a few of them brought me downstairs see the new UConn print studio which looks fabulous.

Recent assignments
Here are some recent assignments:
Chicago magazine, about selling artisinal cheese at local farmers markets.

The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. About the consequences of parents who are inappropriately involved in their children's education.

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