Michael Sloan
Santa Fe sketches


Here are some of my sketches from the past week spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I'd like to do a whole series of sketches of small regional airports like the one in Santa Fe, so charming and full of character. I love walking from the terminal across the tarmac to board the airplane.
Street market in downtown Santa Fe.
The church ruins in nearby Pecos National Historical Park.
Sunset looking south west towards Albuquerque.



We arrived in Santa Fe at the summer solstice. The intense sunlight and the 7000 foot elevation led us to seek out shade. Here's my son with a hat purchased at a street market.

Oily Lamb
Interview in The Daily Nutmeg
Here's a link to my interview with Dan Mims, Editor at the Daily Nutmeg. You can read about my first harrowing assignment for The New York Times, and see photos of my studio. Thanks so much, Dan!

Conference sketches
This week I was invited to sketch during two sessions of the China-Yale Healthy Cities Leadership Program at Yale University. Here are some of my sketches.

I completed all my sketches during two 90-minute sessions. I worked quickly, relied on my intuition, and was very aware of the element of risk, especially when I was using watercolor washes.

I enjoyed meeting some of the conference attendees from the China Association of Mayors. The presentations about building strong community infrastructure and environmental sustainability and resilience were fascinating.

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