Hal Mayforth
May 2010
Art Show!
Friday I will be heading down to Northampton, MA to partcipate in The Paradise City Art Show for the Memorial Day Weekend. A few of my artist friends have had good luck at this show, so I thought Id give it a whirl. Fellow Drawger James Steinberg, in nearby Amherst,  has been kind enough to avail his guestroom so I'll be hanging out with my old pal. The last time I tried something like this was at the Art Expo at the Javits Center in 2005. I learned alot about "taking it to the people" at that show and am hoping to build on that experience without the NY prices. I'll have switchplates for sale at a lower price point, Giclee prints and loose watercolors at a medium price point and then original acrylics on wood panel if people feel so inclined to crack the ol' wallet. In conjunction with this event, I have designed and launched a new website for my fine art: Here are some of my new promo ideas as well as some of my new paintings. If you are in the neighborhood over the weekend, I'd love to see you. I'll be in booth 253. Oh, and please tell your friends and rich uncle.
My booth is 10 by 10 feet and this is what the layout looks like. All the paintings are acrylic on wood except for the six small paintings on the right hand side that are framed watercolors.

One thing I learned is that people love free stuff. I had these 1 inch diameter buttons made and the accompanying cheapo business card to tie in the image with a name and a website and contact info.

After being bombarded by NPR fund raising drives for the past several weeks, I came up with the idea of having my own Platinum Collector's Circle, the benefits of which I haven't fully decided on.

Quatro de Mayo - the painting I was working on during our family day this year

Strong Coffee Shall Inherit the Earth




Slithering Forward

Aerial Perch

Humorous Content
Here are some more selections from my daily Facebook/Flickr posts. Straight from the sketchbook with a little pshop color.
The Eighth Wonder of the World

Dandelion Slayer

Happy May4th!
The cool thing about having a name that does double duty as a date (aside from the self promo value that I've been milking for decades) is that it's like having a second bithday with out the age baggage. This year, my band The Heckhounds booked a May 4th gig at the local live music hot spot, The Langdon Street Cafe. And since I had  been talking with the owners about showing my paintings, this seemed like the perfect time for the stars to align. So this evening there will be an opening for my paintings (of sorts) with music by The Heckhounds, or maybe the other way around. Either way it may be a tad self indulgent on my part, but promises to be fun for all.
Here are some of the paintings appearing in the show.
Blue Star Runaround
Blind Petey's Birthday Bash
All Inclusive Holiday
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