Hal Mayforth
July 2007
Six New Paintings Yet Again
Rock On!
Here are six new ones, hot off the easel. Since I have my panels precut, supply sometimes determine the size of paintings. I seemed to have alot of the smaller panels on hand so I started to go at it with smaller word paintings. I hope they are enjoyed in the spirit in which they were made.
Barn Birds I have this thing for bats. Particularly ones wearing hobnailed boots.
Glo Skull My wife pointed out that I really should have used florescent paint on this one. Damn! She's always right.
Lay Off the Fries- Easier said than done.
Floss Each Day-nuff said
Red Scare-Those were walking dildos in the lower right hand corner before I made them into missiles. Whew! Dodged a bullet.
Six New Paintings
Alphabet Afoot
Here's a new batch in the order I did them. I recently started a relationship with The West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT and because of this I was asked to compose the dreaded  "artist's statement":

To be honest, there is not a lot of philosophical hokum behind these paintings. They all started out as drawings in my sketchbooks in which I have been drawing in earnest since 1973. At present I have completed enough of them to fill the trunk of a luxury automobile and am working on filling a small U-Haul. I try to set aside an hour every morning to draw for myself, to brainstorm with pen on paper. I seldom start drawing with preconceived notions and I never know where it will take me. I am not interested in rendering reality, because frankly I’m not that good at rendering reality. I much prefer to bring a free ranging intellect to the process, that and some fairly primitive drawing skills.

The good drawings I make into paintings. Consequently, my paintings are conceptually all over the map. Working this way keeps me from being bored. The thread that runs through them all is certain off-kilter sensibility that I am told goes way back in my family.

I did this as a gift for my friend, Barbara Korecki, who is the pottery teacher at the local HS and has been very supportive of "The Mayforth Boys," two of whom graduated this past June.
Barbara's husband, Kenny, with whom I've been playing blues with for years, wanted a painting that was sold, so I talked him into a Blues King painting.
Brainstorm-Collaged onto the background of this are xeroxed sketchbook pages. I wanted to start out simple.
All Inclusive Holiday-I had been working on a large painting with collaged sketchbook elements that was giving me fits. I put that on the back burner and completed this over the weekend.
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