Hal Mayforth
December 2008
An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory
Drawger is well represented in a new book called An Illustrated Life - Drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers.  There's alot of amazing work here from people whose work I know well, and from people I've never heard of. Danny Gregory compiled and edited this book as a way of creating the book about sketchbooks that he always sought. 47 illlustrators, artist and designers are included offering a wide range of approaches, techniques and subject matter. For each contributor there is a healthy sample of sketchbook pages as well as copy that was based on questionaires that Danny sent out. A cool holiday gift. Available here.
Here are some sample pages from fellow Drawgers.
Peter Cusack
Mark Fisher
Don Kilpatrick
Hal Mayforth
Adam McCauley
Edel Rodriguez
Christian Slade
Elwood Smith
The Groveling Boys
Here's a piggyback to David Flaherty's post of earlier this week.  Some thoughts bandied around during this morning's sketchbook session.
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