Hal Mayforth
April 2008
Glass House
I've been developing a new, colorful, abstract illustration style that allows me to step outside the "Little Guys with the Big Eyes and Big Noses" thing. Luckily ,Soojin Buzelli has been giving me assignments to pursue this direction. This illo accompanied a letter entitled "Glass House" and was on the subject of termination of death benefits. Not a particularly appetizing subject. Soojin has told me in the past to not worry about being so literal, so I started sketching the idea of glass houses in general. Here's what transpired.
I started out with my usual style before going "off road". Soojin approved the lower left one.
When I was in NY last month I spent a day in the MOMA, and was taken by a room of wire sculptures that were lit with spotlights. I can't recall the artist's name. Upon my return I drew a number of sketchbook pages recalling the look of those sculptures. Why not try it out on an illo assignment?
Thank God That's Over!
As a person well acquainted with the concept of deadlines, I submitted all the makings for our tax returns to my accountant weeks ago. When I hadn't heard back from him, I finally called him last Friday to make sure everything was cool. He hadn't even started them. We've got plenty of time says he, they're not due until next Tuesday. It all came down to the wire yesterday. I had to take time out of work to get signatures for two of my boys who are scattered all over the state as well as shuffling funds for payments. And then there are those little yellow please sign and date stickers, which by the way have very poor adhesive qualities. As a way of decompressing after that ordeal, here are some ruminations. I WILL be looking for a new accountant.
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