Hal Mayforth
January 2007
League of Unsuspecting Neighbors
I was on the treadmill at the gym the other day rolling my eyeballs at CNN Headline news when a piece came on about the guy in St.Louis who kidnapped the two kids. Because none of the principals were available for an interview, the reporter ended up interviewing neighbors. It struck me as a quintessential american phenomena, the unsuspecting neighbor. These people need a support group, or at the very least and online chat room. This might also be expanded to include neighbors of grow houses.
FineToons: The Art of Vermont Cartoonists
I don't know what it is about Vermont, (perhaps the drinking water) but it is or has been the the home to many fine cartoonists. Later this month, The Helen Day Art Center  in Stowe, VT will host a show of the work of Vermont cartoonsts, Including New Yorker cartoonists Ed Koren and Harry Bliss, Batman reinterpreter Frank Miller, and editorial cartoonist Jeff Danziger. The show is curated by Idoline Duke who found cartoonsits that I didn't even know lived here. Should be a good one.
The Last Five Paintings of 2006
Fez of Excitement- Mr. Fez is in serious need of orthotics
Here are the last five paintings that I completed in 2006 in the order I did them.
Shaman or Sham Man?
In Private, They Cross Their Legs-Raw Sienna is perhaps my favorite color
Zut Alors-The French Game of Consternation
The last two paintings are imaginary gameboards that originated in my sketchbook and was first posted here.
Dorkmaze-The Faux Dating Game
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