Hal Mayforth
June 2006
Another Sketchbook Page
One of those days, I'm afraid. I spent a considerable amount of time today putting out an IRS induced brushfire. No big deal. Just apply hoover to wallet. So between listening to the IRS's lovely on-hold music while waiting for someone to help me (an eternity) and actually getting one illo done, I had time to do this page.

I've been fooling around with grids in kind of an Adolph Gottlieb- pictograph-gets-funky approach. If I could keep finished paintings this loose, I'd be one step closer to nirvana.
Three New Paintings
This is the second in a series of robots that I hope to continue with. Robots are great. They don't require a ton of drawing skills which suits me just fine. I'd already decided on the title "Xeno" before I looked it up. It means stranger.
Things have been pretty busy around here and I've been beating myself up because I haven't had alot of time to paint. I've only had the energy to do smaller paintings. So here are the three latest for your perusal.
This originally said "Stay Curious" which I think is important, but it was getting dangerously close to Curious George territory. So I pondered several weeks about what to "stay." I finally decided on enlightened, the joke being that it presupposes that you are enlightened to begin with.
Several weeks ago, Elwood and I had a brief back and forth about the importance of working play into the everyday equation. This is a note to myself.
Sketchbook Page
June 7, 2006 A miserable grey day. Got eaten alive when I went to the mailbox to get the morning paper.
Here's yesterday's skechbook page. I try to draw every morning for myself before I start my commercial work. Sometimes I do a couple of pages, sometimes one page.  If I'm out straight I have to skip it and go straight to work. The important thing is  that I make a concerted effort, but you know how it is sometimes. What's really cool is that cycles start to become evident. Sometimes I go throught periods where it just ain't happening and other times I blast off  bunch of pages that are (in my humble opinion) inspired. It's those good pages that keep me going.

TVs were on my mind yesterday, as we had just bought a big honkin' new one specifically for the World Cup (GOAL!). The other drawings are ideas for paintings. I'm trying some new things that may or may not make the transition to paint on plywood.
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