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New Paintings
Snakes on a Picture Plane March 1 Here are some personal watercolors that I've been working in around assignments and painting in acrylic. Several... Arthop 2009 September 11 I'll be cutting out of work early today to head up to Burlington, VT for this year's Arthop festivities.... New Paintings! May 1 I got off to a slow start this year as far as painting goes. I seems like I spent more time shoveling snow that at the... New Paintings December 13 Here are some new paintings that I've managed to get to between work, family (3 teenaged boys running amok) and... Six New Paintings Yet Again July 25 Here are six new ones, hot off the easel. Since I have my panels precut, supply sometimes determine the size of... Six New Paintings July 9 Here's a new batch in the order I did them. I recently started a relationship with The West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT... Six New Paintings May 14 Here are six new paintings in the order I did them. I started out painting with a limited palette on prepared wood, so... New Paintings April 2 At the risk of seeming like I'm pimping product,  here are some recent paintings. I had a tough stretch there... The Last Five Paintings of 2006 January 3 Here are the last five paintings that I completed in 2006 in the order I did them. Five More New Paintings December 1 Here's a new batch of paintings fresh off the old easel in the order I did them. Lately I've been getting back into the... Four New Paintings November 2 Here are four new paintings that were completed within the last six weeks or so. I'm getting work ready for a show... Five New Paintings August 24  Here are the last five paintings I've done in the order I did them. I recently had a couple of sales at a couple... Three New Paintings June 20 Things have been pretty busy around here and I've been beating myself up because I haven't had alot of time to paint.... Between a Rock and a Hard Place March 14 At the risk of making public my deepest yearnings, I submit this painting for your consideration. You guys will know...
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