Mark Matcho
Google Maps Street View: The Movie
When I first moved to New York, some guy tried to tell me Houston Street was pronounced, "How-ston". He musta thought I was a real rube, to fall for that one!

A little thing I put together in Flash, from a bunch of stills I screengrabbed using Google Maps' Street View feature. Orwellian Invasion of Privacy charges aside, I find the technology fascinating, and spent some time this weekend virtually revisiting some my old NYC haunts, in addition to checking out some spots I never managed to make it to, in the fourteen years I lived there.

I shoulda/coulda made some use of of the zoom/pan controls on offer to add some variety, but I'll save that stuff, along with some hilarious outtakes, deleted scenes and bloopers, for the sequel- Google Maps Street View II: Goin' All The Way!
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